Friday, November 28, 2008


So this is the big eating day. We're supposed to feast on tons of food. All people do is talk about how much they ate and how they are stuffed. I ask this though, is this the best we got? I am very unimpressed with the food at Thanksgiving. In fact, I can't ever remember liking much of what's on the table. I can't get excited about turkey. Maybe it's because I have never had it prepared in an interesting way. Sweet potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole? Not our best effort. Sweet potatoes are too sweet for dinner. Stuffing is usually too dry or too salty. Cranberry sauce is just a horrible idea. Green bean casserole contains no natural ingredients. The entire dish can be created from cans. I find myself not stuffing myself silly. To me, this food is not anything to get worked up about. I propose something new for Thanksgiving. In the spirit of the holiday, we should make food that we are thankful for. What food do you really enjoy? What food are you thankful for and would like to share with others?

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toddl said...

Thanksgiving food can be bad depending upon who cooks it. I have a couple favorites and some twists on the oldies.

My Savory Sweet Potato Gratin
Carrie Perez's Corn Souffle

I tried something new for dessert this year, a butterscotch pumpkin pie. A lot of work went into this dish and I just wasn't all that impressed. I also made some rolls but have yet to come across a good roll recipe. If you have any good ones, pass them along.