Friday, November 28, 2008


So this is the big eating day. We're supposed to feast on tons of food. All people do is talk about how much they ate and how they are stuffed. I ask this though, is this the best we got? I am very unimpressed with the food at Thanksgiving. In fact, I can't ever remember liking much of what's on the table. I can't get excited about turkey. Maybe it's because I have never had it prepared in an interesting way. Sweet potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole? Not our best effort. Sweet potatoes are too sweet for dinner. Stuffing is usually too dry or too salty. Cranberry sauce is just a horrible idea. Green bean casserole contains no natural ingredients. The entire dish can be created from cans. I find myself not stuffing myself silly. To me, this food is not anything to get worked up about. I propose something new for Thanksgiving. In the spirit of the holiday, we should make food that we are thankful for. What food do you really enjoy? What food are you thankful for and would like to share with others?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I've been fighting bronchitis, so it's been a while since my last post. Being sick sucks. Aside from the aspect of being tired and feeling like crap, your appetite gets ruined. I didn't feel like eating anything for quite a while and nothing appealed. It was rough to know I should eat, but not feel like eating. I didn't have a craving for a nice meal at a restaurant or even a greasy hamburger from a dive. I'm still barely back to normal. I want to want food again. You ever have that sore throat or nasty stomachache that forces you to eat applesauce or Saltines? It's rough to drink tons of water and eat popsicles. My normal diet has been disturbed. Stomach issues are the worst because you're limited to eating things that only taste okay coming back up.
As for Thanksgiving food, I'm not worried about missing anything. I get no excitement for any of the food offered on this upcoming holiday. Mashed potatoes are about the only thing that excite me, and I won't be eating them this year. What are your Thanksgiving food musts?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More Rants

Sorry, for the time since my last post, I have been under the weather. I have issues with fast food commercials and Olive Garden commercials. Must we be bombarded with horrible ads featuring morons wanting something more exciting than a burger? How about a wave of water soaks you and you're left with some nasty old shrimp and questionable white fish? That's right, try Long John Silvers!! Has this place killed any people like Jack-n-the-Box? If they haven't, I'm shocked. I am so scared of the food they serve. I would rather eat a boring burger than some random mix of chum that a shark rejected. Oh, and congratulations to the people that decided to combine Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut. Now, rather than having to avoid all 3 of them, I can avoid one building with all three. It's like a food court where every choice is a losing one. KenTacoHut. How about a Gordita with cheese stuffed crust and some biscuits?
Now for Olive Garden. Really? You send your chefs to a cooking school in Italy? How many things are wrong with that sentence? First, they are not chefs. Chefs go to a school, chefs have a lot of skill. Cooks perform menial tasks, they combine ingredients, they follow orders. Second, what affiliation would Olive Garden have with Italy? Clearly, their food has no affiliation with anything in Italy. Yes, they do use Italian words to describe their food, but that's about it. I have not been to a restaurant in Italy that serves endless bread sticks or salad. Also, their commercials are nauseating. "I bring my Italian grandmother to Olive Garden every time she comes here." Why? Do you hate your grandmother? Do you want her to see how far behind in cooking we are? Who is buying this?
I'm done. . . for now.

Monday, November 3, 2008

My Place

"Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name." I have always wanted to have my restaurant that I always frequent. You know, the type of place where you know all of the waiters, they recognize you by name. Maybe they even know what dishes you prefer. It would kind of be like my own Cheers. Perhaps many of us want this type of place. I remember that throughout college my roommates and I looked for a coffee shop (despite the fact that none of us liked coffee) similar to that in Seinfeld. We wanted a place where we could all meet. Somewhere we could say, "Hey, meet me at the coffee shop." We thought we found the place, we went there once, and no one liked it. I'm sure it's harder when you live out in the suburbs and there is a high turnover in staff, but I really hope to find that place. If I were to open a restaurant, I would want to know my customers on a first-name basis. The closest thing I have right now is a barber who knows my name, and that feels pretty good. Perhaps, it's really simple on my part. I just want recognition, but I know I'm not alone. I think many of us want this place. That place where we feel like old friends catching up again. That place where it's like hanging out in the neighborhood. Maybe we've watched Norm one too many times and wanted our own Frasier to listen to our problems.