Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I'm not picky, and I don't think I'm better than you. It gets old defending myself. That's right, I'm misunderstood. I know there's other foodies out there who have been accused of being horrible people. I'm hoping this post will help both sides. Listed below are several myths and explanations about those who enjoy good food.
  • If it's cheap, it's not good enough. Money doesn't matter when it comes to food. Ever heard of the term, hole in the wall? These are places that may look a little sketchy on the inside, but serve great food at a reasonable price. The key is not letting money be your only reason for seeking a restaurant. Don't worry about what a great deal you're getting, worry about how it tastes.

  • Portions have to be tiny. Ummmmm, not really. I recently posted about America's lust for the doggy bag. The reason good restaurants don't bombard you with a large portion is because their goal is to make you feel content when you leave the restaurant, not uncomfortable. All-you-can-eat buffets aren't known for their quality just their quantity. Remember, don't obsess about the deal.

  • You're picky. No. This may be my least favorite of the myths. Picky is excluding all sorts of foods and being afraid to taste new things. Placing high regard on quality is not being picky, it's just having high expectations. I like fresh things, so sue me.

  • Chain restaurants are evil. Honestly, there are some horrible chains out there that have ruined food for Americans, Olive Garden being one of my least favorite. However, there are some great ideas that have popped up and become so popular that they launch into chains. If chains are managed right, they can be a good thing. Many of them just concern themselves with being like Wal-Mart and go after being the cheapest. Being cheap all around doesn't always buy one fresh ingredients. You have to be careful.

  • I don't know enough to be a "foodie." Being into food is not like being into wine. It's really not all that complicated. As I've mentioned before, we've all had an amazing meal and know what greatness tastes like. Remember that meal and compare it against future dishes.

  • Food is too big of a deal. Okay, this is not really a myth. Food IS a big deal. How often do you eat? Can you even quantify it? All of the time, right? I think we don't take food seriously enough. With how much food we consume, why don't we care more about how it tastes or how good the quality is?
We are a misunderstood people. Non-foodies, use these myths to better understand us. Foodies, be sensitive to non-foodies and encourage them to become one of us. Non-foodies, maybe your stomach is growling, not because you're hungry, but because of what you're putting in it.